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The development prospect of polyurethane industry is still broad.

polyurethane has various advantages. This material is widely used in various industries - from furniture shock absorption to space flight suits, from the latest and lightest electronic equipment of every era to the insulation layer of energy-saving refrigerators. Polyurethane plays an irreplaceable role

for a long time, polyurethane and its applications have been pursuing the evolution of technology and manufacturing industry, as well as the needs of consumers. Nowadays, polyurethane even appears in many luxury goods, including famous brand shoes and clothing, furniture and electrical products

some great ideas actually come from a barrel of iced beer

rigid polyurethane foam is often used in all kinds of insulated containers. In fact, polyurethane rigid foam, as a kind of thermal insulation material, is the most widely used in refrigerators and freezers, which can effectively preserve the internal cold air

this concept originated in 1948, when the first thermal insulation application of polyurethane rigid foam appeared in a double-layer beer barrel

until today, this polyurethane product has been used inside refrigerators and freezers, which can not only prolong the shelf life of food, but also reduce energy consumption, because the cold air inside the machine will hardly leak out. At the same time, the thermal insulation mold of this material can crystallize rapidly at a temperature of 50 ℃, which can be achieved only a little, so it leaves a larger storage space for the refrigerator and freezer

the thermal insulation of polyurethane rigid foam can also reduce the energy consumption of refrigerators and freezers, help household appliances meet energy consumption standards, and save electricity for consumers. It can be said that it has made an important contribution to sustainable development and ecological design

Dow's energy-ice project was selected as the "best"

the energy-ice project launched by Dow's Polyurethane research and development team last month was selected as one of the six outstanding environmental and information projects of the European Commission's living environment plan in 2013

energy-ice project shows the innovative Pascal polyurethane foam technology using cyclopentane as foaming agent to manufacture insulation fillers for refrigeration equipment. This innovative achievement will be applied to the design stage of electrical appliances, so it has the best opportunity to affect the resource efficiency and the overall service life of the product. 7. Be careful not to cause the looseness and continuity of the plug when the computer is moving

the energy ice project is led and completed by the Dow polyurethane research and development team, together with Danone Group Company afros and Crios and the Italian National Chemical Industry Union, and funded by the European community

other early applications of polyurethane

since Dr Otto Bayer first discovered the basic principle of diisocyanate addition polymerization process in 1937, polyurethane has gradually become the most common product in history. At the peak of the Second World War, although rubber resources were limited, rigid polyurethane foam continued the mass production of aircraft because of its high strength and light weight. Today, polyurethane products are used to manufacture a new generation of vehicles that are safer, faster and more fuel efficient

in 1941, polyurethane was used as an adhesive for the first time to bond rubber and glass, up 9.1% (Q3 2013: 1.367 billion euros). Nowadays, polyurethane adhesives have become more solid, durable and flexible, which is indispensable for the world's largest construction projects. Polyurethane adhesives are used in many household products, such as cabinets, furniture, carpet liners, etc

obviously, polyurethane has been integrated with the evolution of society and technology. In the future, we will see that the stability of quality and other aspects are important parts of the overall cost; To a certain extent, the brand of testing instruments is a reflection of greater progress in product market ownership and product quality

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