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The development prospect of the semiconductor industry is improving, and the localization of chips is increasingly exposed.

after a short silence, the chip concept has made a comeback. Last week, when the market was adjusted, the range rose by 8.53%, taking the lead in pressing the recovery start button. Last Friday, the two cities rose in an all-round way, and the chip index continued to attract capital attention, thus recording a one-day increase of 5.5%. In addition to being an indispensable part of 5g, IOT, AI, etc., semiconductor products have long been promoted to the national strategic level. Recently, semiconductor silicon wafer is still in short supply, and the wafer price is expected to rise quarter by quarter, indicating that the semiconductor industry continues to have a high momentum. The medium and long-term investment opportunities in the chip localization sector have come

China's integrated circuit industry as a whole showed a steady growth trend

according to the data of the "strategic planning and enterprise strategy consulting report of the chemical bond semiconductor industry is the key to China's self-healing" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the sales volume of China's integrated circuit industry in 2016 was 433.55 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 20.10%, much higher than the global growth rate. In 2017, it continued to maintain a good development trend, achieving a monthly sales of 364.61 billion yuan, an increase of 22.40% year-on-year. It is estimated that the sales volume of China's integrated circuit industry will grow at a compound growth rate of about 20.20% in the next three years, and the sales volume of China's integrated circuit industry will reach 930 billion yuan by 2020

IC has a wide application prospect

IC has a wide application prospect, which is a typical "small industry, big opportunity", and the downstream covers automotive, photovoltaic, industrial, consumer and other fields. From the demand side, the growth of photovoltaic and consumer electronics is stable. With the promotion of new energy vehicles and autonomous driving, the automotive electronics market is about to explode, which also significantly drives demand. In the future, 5g, IOT, artificial intelligence, industrial robots, intelligent wearables, etc. will also bring new growth impetus to integrated circuits

analysis of the development status of the semiconductor industry

since 2017, the prices of MLCC, chip resistors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and other products have increased many times, mainly because Japanese factories have transferred conventional production capacity to high-end automotive and industrial products, and there is a supply gap for conventional products, superimposed with strong demand for consumer electronics and automotive electronics, as well as the pressure transmission of raw material price increases. 1. Turning on the power supply leads to the continuous rise of MLCC prices. The shortage of chip resistors is also becoming more and more serious. On the one hand, the production is limited by environmental protection. On the other hand, the substrate manufacturers are unwilling to expand production due to serious losses, resulting in insufficient supply and a sharp increase in superimposed demand, which spreads the shortage

the shortage and price rise of power semiconductor devices in the second half of the year are still severe. In recent years, the demand for MOSFET from rail transit, electricity, new energy vehicles and charging piles has gradually increased, and the demand for UAV, wearable and IOT devices is also increasing. However, the supply has not expanded in the same proportion. European and American companies are still compressing production capacity. In 2017, a large number of demand for storage chips and fingerprint identification chips led to the rapid transfer of production capacity of 12 inch, 8 inch and 6 inch wafers, Resulting in the shortage of power semiconductor devices

the localization of chips is increasingly revealed.

the semiconductor industry is a highly technology and capital intensive industry. From a closed to an open country, relying on policy support, capital investment, superimposed engineer dividends, accumulated technical experience and talent reserves, narrowed the gap with foreign countries, and gradually occupied the strategic height of the industry

on June 18, JD group and Google announced that Google would invest $550 million in JD in cash, and the two sides would form a broad strategic partnership. Google and will cooperate on a series of strategic projects, one of which is to jointly develop retail solutions in many regions around the world, including Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe. In addition, Zhongchang data acquired Yunke technology for 1billion yuan to build a global digital marketing network. Its customer groups include, today's headlines, Alibaba, Weibo, etc

in recent years, domestic enterprises in the field of Small PLC. 2. When using, they should often pay attention to whether the jaw support, pendulum, etc. are reliably fastened and start to enter the market. Especially under the background of the country vigorously promoting "intelligent manufacturing 2025", the growth rate of the industry has been maintained at more than 20%, and the market share of domestic enterprises is gradually increasing. We are optimistic about the development potential of domestic enterprises under the dual opportunities of increasing penetration and replacing foreign enterprises with imports

chip localization is the key to the rise of Chinese manufacturing, and domestic equipment welcomes historical opportunities. Under the new trend, the differentiation of local enterprises is inevitable. Enterprises that master core technology and attach importance to technology research and development are expected to stand out, and their value in the industry and capital market will be further improved. Considering the progress of localization, it is suggested to look at the sequence of benefits from the logic of "from the back end of the industrial chain to the front end, from supporting to the core link", and it is suggested to select the equipment enterprises that are fully prepared in technology and take the lead in benefiting from the construction of domestic production capacity in terms of performance

the biggest feature of this report is that it is forward-looking and timely. It is for all kinds of semiconductor industry related enterprises and capital institutions to accurately understand the latest development trends of the current semiconductor industry, grasp market opportunities, improve business efficiency, and make correct business decisions and investments

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