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The development prospect of wire round die-cutting is very promising

looking forward to the future, everyone is very optimistic about the development prospect of wire round die-cutting. Judging from the current situation of the domestic market, the main factors conducive to the application and development of wire round die-cutting are the following

1. The reform and reorganization of the domestic tobacco industry and the implementation of brand expansion strategy are excellent news for the line round pressing and die cutting. The reform of the tobacco industry, especially the brand expansion and export of large enterprise groups, will inevitably lead to a sharp increase in the printing volume of single varieties of brand cigarette packs, that is, the increase of long version activity; The merger of small enterprises will reduce the varieties of general cigarette bag brands. In the future, there will be more and more long version printing of cigarette packs, which provides an opportunity for the line round pressing die-cutting to show its skill

at present, the application of wire round pressing die-cutting in the United States is very common, and it has also achieved great success in implementing close fitting marketing, which has a lot to do with the lack of cigarette brands in the United States. In a few years, the brands in the domestic tobacco industry will be integrated into less than 200, and there will be fewer brands. 3. The batch of discussion on several misunderstandings and controversies of each cigarette bag will increase accordingly, so that the connection round pressing die-cutting ushers in a new era of development

the integration and reorganization of the domestic tobacco industry is also a good opportunity for domestic manufacturers of round pressing and die cutting equipment. At present, for the domestic web printing machine, the line die-cutting processing can't keep up, and generally we have to cut large sheets and then flatten the die-cutting. Taking advantage of the reform and reorganization of the tobacco industry, domestic manufacturers of circular pressing and die-cutting equipment can help domestic printing enterprises transform their existing equipment. By adding connecting circular pressing and die-cutting equipment to the paper receiving part of the web printing machine, printing and die-cutting can be completed from a long process to a short process at one time, thereby improving work efficiency

2. Advocate simplified packaging. Excessive packaging and excessive pursuit of packaging print quality, the existence of friction will affect the compression resistance of the specimen and even damage the situation, which will not only cause unnecessary waste, but also be detrimental to the current domestic economic development and consumption. Therefore, some domestic professionals appeal to the whole society to advocate simple packaging, save a lot of complex processing procedures, and directly carry out die-cutting after printing, which is also very beneficial to the line round pressing die-cutting

3. People have an increasing demand for healthy drinks (liquid milk, etc.). The long-term monopoly of Tetra Pak in the liquid milk packaging market has been gradually broken, and many companies have launched their own brick packaging and roof packaging. All these have promoted the development of the domestic printing industry and contributed to the promotion and application of the wire round pressing die-cutting method

although the current situation of the application of wire round die-cutting in domestic printing enterprises varies, as long as the manufacturers of round die-cutting equipment continue to strengthen the research and development of new technologies, new products and new processes, and make an issue in reducing the cost of die-cutting tools, shortening the processing cycle and prolonging the service life, so that the wire round die-cutting tools have wider applicability and provide higher flexibility for wire round die-cutting, We will certainly be able to welcome the early arrival of the spring of wire rounding die cutting. Let's wait and see

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