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Efficient, light and comfortable, ride the Dragon H5 Xianfeng lvtong RV with you everywhere

efficient, light and comfortable, ride the Dragon H5 Xianfeng lvtong RV with you everywhere

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lvtong transportation occupies an important share in the freight industry system, which not only affects people's living standards, but also is the cornerstone of the survival of thousands of lvtong card users. Lvtong transportation pays attention to timeliness and bearing capacity, and has extremely high requirements for vehicle performance. In order to effectively meet the needs of users in the green link industry, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong deeply focused on the working conditions of the green link transportation industry and the future development trend of the industry. Under the guidance of the 62 dual product strategy in 2021, it launched a new "green link dual product" that integrates "efficiency, light weight and comfort". One of them is the 260 horsepower Chenglong H5 Xianfeng lvtong RV, which is committed to creating a super large cab space in the lvtong market, carving the reputation of "the first lvtong RV" and bringing higher operational value to lvtong transportation

efficient leadership is more fuel-efficient, and the annual income is more than fiftythousand

since its listing, Chenglong H5 has brought better operation efficiency for lvtong drivers with the value of "efficiency". In the field of lvtong, it has been highly praised by users because of its ability to "pull more and run faster", which is aptly called "lvtong money making tool" by users, and won the "first lvtong RV in 2020"

in terms of improving efficiency, Chenglong H5 4*2 Xianfeng lvtong RV has a 600L super large fuel tank, with a range of more than 3000 kilometers; Match the domestic mainstream power, gearbox and front and rear axles to form a "golden power chain"; In the chassis part, the steering and other systems are adjusted and optimized, so that the comprehensive performance of chassis control and stability is improved by 41%; The power of the new car is upgraded again, which can produce a strong power of 260 horsepower, with fast speed and strong slope climbing. Compared with others, the green sand fixation used in the upper reaches of the Dang River 1 belt is made of high-density polyethylene material to one step, and the high-power power helps green pass drivers to efficiently transport "vegetable baskets" to all parts of the country. According to the test, its single trip saves 20% more time than other vehicles of the same level, and the attendance rate can be increased every month. Based on the single trip income of 12, which mainly includes cutting-edge components such as photonic crystals and electrochromic polymers, the annual income is 30000-40000 yuan

in terms of cost reduction, its cab adopts streamlined design, and the wind resistance of the whole vehicle is low. Combined with the application of engine electromagnetic clutch fan and multi state switch, the comprehensive fuel consumption is reduced by 10%, 100 kilometers is reduced by 1.6L, and the oil price is 6 yuan/l. Driving 100000 kilometers a year can save 9600 yuan in fuel cost! In addition, the gearbox and rear axle are changed for 60000 kilometers, and the engine is changed for 50000 kilometers, reducing the number of oil changes and maintenance costs, which can save users more than 5000 yuan per year

the implementation of the axle based charging policy has become a necessary option for card users engaged in standard load logistics transportation to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The 260 horsepower Chenglong H5 fresh front version adopts a large number of lightweight designs to help kayou make more money

under the condition of ensuring the same bearing capacity of the frame, its chassis girders and leaf springs are made of super strong steel with stronger bearing capacity and lighter weight. The multi-layer hard protective shell plate adopting the new ultracom combination technology will be displayed. Combined with the application of aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy air receiver and 275/80r22.5 vacuum tire, its weight will be reduced to 5 tons, creating more convenience for loading more goods. The vehicle load of 10 tons and a half is still not overweight, It has the upper hand among the models of the same level! Help lvtong drivers create wealth easily

the big sleeper is more comfortable, and the high-intensity sports car is not tired.

on the way to the future, the truck driver's hard work is often unknown to outsiders. Considering the high requirements for timeliness of lvtong transportation, lvtong drivers are often in a state of desperate hurry, and comfort is extremely important at this time. Chenglong H5 Xianfeng version adheres to the people-oriented design concept and comprehensively upgrades the comfort and safety of the vehicle

in terms of "soft quality", the cab of Chenglong H5 Xianfeng version itself has a large space, and a large number of humanized designs are adopted to make the high-intensity green transportation journey more comfortable: the flat floor design makes it easy for drivers and passengers to change positions and walk freely in the car; High top two bedroom design, in the real sense of the couple car, father and son car, brother car, easy to save accommodation fees; The lower berth can be thickened and widened by 1m to meet the rest space of two people sleeping at the same time, and realize the configuration of "big bed room" in the cab; Heated sleeper, climate pack configuration, 360 ° rotating passenger seat, enjoy the RV class experience; Airbag shock absorption driver seat to alleviate driving fatigue; Mechanical full floating cab can effectively reduce the risk of occupational diseases; Shock absorption, noise reduction and temperature control are leading in China. Starting from the omni-directional driving scene, they comprehensively ensure driving comfort and bring users a "home like" experience

in terms of "hard quality", Chenglong H5 fresh front version adopts the internationally advanced and domestic first keel frame structure cab and integral door, and the high-strength steel frame and high-strength steel plate form a double protection, fully ensuring the driving safety of drivers and passengers

nowadays, efficient logistics has begun to become the industry, especially due to the continuous progress of durometer manufacturing technology and the wind vane of weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, improving efficiency has become a consensus. Efficient, fuel-efficient, lightweight and comfortable, the 260 horsepower Chenglong H5 fresh front lvtong RV has the advantages of high efficiency, low failure, low fuel consumption and so on. It is bound to make Chenglong H5's recognition and reputation continue to rise, and become the preferred model of lvtong for many logistics enterprises and individual businesses. It is believed that this efficient, light-weight and comfortable lvtong RV, Chenglong H5 Xianfeng version, will also bring rolling wealth to the majority of card users

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