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More environmental protection and excellence: the ink industry has set off a "green" storm (II)

double green certification to achieve a win-win situation

the international ink industry started the promotion of green products as early as the last century. In 1995, the Japan gravure industry federation issued a benzene free proposal, requiring that the solvent residue of food packaging be controlled below 1mg/m2. At the same time, the Japan ink Industry Federation also issued NL regulations prohibiting the use of benzene containing inks on food packaging bags. However, in China's current food packaging bag standards, the residual amount of solvent is only 10mg/m2, and it is not clear what kind of solvent it is

can such a big gap not make our consumers and the market worried? The report on the Lanzhou toxic milk powder bag incident broadcast by CCTV quality report sounded an alarm that the total output value of the new material industry increased from 0.65 trillion yuan in 2010 to nearly 2trillion yuan in 2015. The results of their investigation were surprising. Due to the excessive residue of toluene solvent, the unqualified rate of food packaging bags was as high as 50%. The problem of food safety is extremely serious

fanjiaju, President of Zhejiang New Oriental ink Group Co., Ltd., happily told that the environmental protection ink standard issued and implemented by the state in February this year is undoubtedly a great good thing to accelerate the integration with the world, standardize the ink market and maintain the health of consumers. At present, the domestic food, medicine, baby products and other flexible packaging markets have higher and higher requirements for the safety of ink. In the past, ink enterprises said their products were green and environmentally friendly. Because there was no unified standard, it was difficult for users to judge, and the market was chaotic. Now the situation is different. With standards, green products will have a basis. Green quality and national certification will certainly become an important development trend of China's ink market

it is understood that Zhejiang New Oriental ink group, as a leading enterprise of Chinese packaging ink founded in 1983, has been recognized as a key high-tech unit of the torch program by the Ministry of science and technology. The R & D, production, sales and development planning of all products of the company are carried out around the core concept of "double green, double excellent and win-win". Fan Jiaju introduced that the so-called "double green" refers to the greening of products and production processes, which is specifically reflected in the fact that products have obtained the China environmental label certification, and the production process has obtained the ISO14001 environmental management system certification; Double Excellence refers to excellent product quality and environmental protection behavior; Win win is a win-win situation between the cause of green environmental protection and the market economy of ink products

in order to ensure double green, double excellent and win-win, fan Jiaju made it clear that the motto of New Oriental Group is up to the national ecological environment and down to the parents, people and descendants. Therefore, New Oriental Group solemnly announced four responsible commitments to all sectors of society: first, it will not use benzene and ketone solvents and be responsible for the health of consumers; 2、 The solvent residue of the printed matter meets the national and international environmental protection standards, and is responsible for printing green packaging materials with superior performance with confidence for users; 3、 Have good printing operability, good shallow transfer performance, reduce printing costs, mutual benefit and win-win results, and be responsible for the printing factory; 4、 It has stable adhesion firmness and composite adaptability, can meet the requirements of ordinary packaging and cooking packaging, and is responsible for the market

in order to actually support the environmental protection work of the ink industry, New Oriental strongly supported and participated in the preparation of the national environmental protection ink standard, which was commended by the State Environmental Protection Administration. In terms of products, we have launched super Lifu series, ad-502 series, w-8830 waterborne polyurethane adhesives and other products that represent and meet the green environmental protection performance needs of food, medicine, daily chemical and other FMCG packaging in the current flexible packaging market, and have been widely used at present. At the same time, we also adopt a cleaner production model for the production process of products, which does not constitute pollution to the environment and maximizes resource conservation. Based on New Oriental's contribution to green packaging, the State Environmental Protection Administration awarded the group company the first green environmental mark certification certificate in China's gravure ink industry, and New Oriental deserves to be the top of the golden list

green ink holds up environmental protection printing

HANGHUA ink Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large Sino foreign joint venture ink enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales based on the inherent advantages of light honeycomb structure of HPT honeycomb. In 2006, according to the statistics of the ink Association, the company ranked first in the industry profit and second in output. As a large enterprise in the ink industry, HANGHUA ink has always actively cooperated with and supported the national environmental protection cause. In 2007, it participated in the preparation of the national environmental protection ink standard. In the process of verifying the standard technology, HANGHUA ink's solvent based inks (NZP, cpl-lt, opi-gf, opi-pek, lam-xe, WGT, AGI) and water-based inks (WHF, WBI, WFT) have a total of 10 categories of gravure and flexographic ink products, as well as seven categories of offset ink products of single paper offset ink (ex, FS, Bo, MX), thermoset offset ink (HS) and cold set offset ink (NWP, JL) have passed the certification of green products of China's environmental labeling, It has become one of the first double green units in China's ink industry to obtain environmental label certification

in order to widely use the pressure testing machine in the construction industry and further ensure the stability and sustainability of HANGHUA's environmental labeling products, the company has made corresponding adjustments and improvements in accordance with the requirements of the environmental labeling guarantee system documents in the new factory with an investment of US $29.98 million and an area of 130 mu, making it more green and environmental friendly, with an annual production capacity of 30000 tons in the first phase. Developing pollution-free green high-quality ink products is the eternal pursuit of HANGHUA ink

Zhou Mei, deputy chief engineer of Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., believes that ink is essential in the printing industry, and its use is large and poorly controlled, which poses serious harm to human health and the environment. The first is volatile organic compounds VOC. The volatilization of ink solvent will cause greenhouse effect, form photochemical smoke, and damage the human nervous system. The second is cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead and other heavy metal elements in ink and pigment. If these harmful substances are used in food packaging or printing materials in close contact with human body, the consequences will be serious. In order to reduce the damage of ink to the environment and human health, it is necessary to use new green ink

Zhou Meixiang introduced that the characteristics of green ink products are mainly reflected in three aspects: first, we must strictly control the harmful substances in the ink, including VOC, aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, benzene, ketones and so on, which cannot pose a hazard to human health; Secondly, in the process of ink production and printing, the harm of the environment and operators should be minimized, so as to achieve cleaner production, resource conservation and reduction; Finally, it should be conducive to the recycling and treatment of packaging waste, and should not cause secondary pollution. As a leading enterprise in the domestic ink manufacturing industry, Tianjin Toyo ink has been committed to the development and production of high-quality green printing inks. At present, its main products include soybean oil (vegetable oil) inks, water-based inks with high testing accuracy, ultraviolet curing (UV) inks, and alcohol soluble inks. In addition, non aromatic solvents, soybean oil, aqueous solvents and other important environmental protection elements have also been widely used in the company's products

it is understood that Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. participated in the preparation of the national environmental protection ink standard in 2007 on the basis of passing the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, gb/t28001, soyoil of the American Soybean Oil Association, Sony green partners, etc., and was the first to obtain the green product certification of China's environmental label in the Chinese ink industry in February 2008, leading the development direction of green environmental protection in the domestic ink manufacturing industry, It provides ideal printing materials for the greening of China's printing industry

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