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Zunyi Titanium Industry strives to build the largest sponge titanium production enterprise in China. As the only sponge titanium production enterprise in China with a "national enterprise technology center" recognized by the Ministry of science and technology and military investment, Zunyi Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. has paid close attention to the development theme in recent years. Under the adverse circumstances that the prices of electric power and raw materials continue to rise and the titanium industry is seriously impacted by the financial crisis, the enterprise has tapped its potential internally, We have carried out technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction and won national policy support. While expanding the scale of production capacity, we have achieved industrial technology upgrading. At present, we have a sponge titanium production capacity of 20000 tons/year and a titanium ingot production capacity of 2000 tons/year. The technical equipment and product quality are in the leading position in China

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Zunyi Titanium Industry successively implemented the internal 3000 ton technological transformation project, the new 4000 ton sponge titanium production technological transformation project, the new 10000 ton sponge titanium reconstruction and expansion project and other projects, so that the annual production capacity of sponge titanium was increased from 6000 tons to 20000 tons. Zunyi Titanium Industry has also improved the product quality through scientific and technological innovation. On the basis of the success of the 8-ton sponge titanium furnace, the enterprise has implemented the development test of the 12 ton sponge titanium production reduction distillation furnace, which has been successfully transformed into productivity. It has become the largest sponge titanium production furnace in the world. In the two 10000 ton sponge titanium projects implemented, it has introduced advanced chlorination, refining, sodium electrolysis and multipole cell magnesium electrolysis technology from abroad, On the basis of digestion, absorption and re innovation, introduce new processes to gradually replace the existing processes, improve the level of process technology, reduce energy consumption, and achieve the emission of pollutants up to the standard, so that Zunyi Titanium Sponge titanium production technology and process equipment have always been at the leading level in China, with a sales revenue of more than 800 million yuan last year

on the basis of the existing capacity of 20000 tons of sponge titanium, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Zunyi Titanium Industry will strengthen the transformation of steel balls with technical products covering aluminum alloy doors, window profiles, decoration profiles, curtain wall profiles, industrial profiles, aluminum wood doors and windows and plastic or buffer valves. There are stolen goods or steel profiles with excessive clearance in contact with imports, "sunshine 7 color" stainless steel pipes and plates, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry, and transform the old system, Fully realize the upgrading of the production technology of titanium sponge in Zunyi Titanium Industry, reach the world advanced level, expand the production capacity of titanium sponge to more than 30000 tons, build the largest domestic titanium sponge production enterprise and an important national new material base, gradually extend the industrial chain, form a titanium deep processing capacity of more than 10000 tons, develop new products such as high-purity titanium and high titanium iron, and strive to achieve the total industrial output value The sales revenue exceeded 5billion yuan. At the same time, Shandong Hongwang project with high scientific and technological content, low energy consumption and environmental protection is currently vigorously developing and developing new products in the direction of titanium deep processing with low pollution and high added value, adjusting the industrial structure and achieving new growth points. Increase the capital investment in energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, promote the construction of circular economy, realize energy conservation and emission reduction, cleaner production and comprehensive utilization of resources, take the road of sustainable development, and realize the "win-win" of economic growth and environmental compliance of the hot-rolled plain round steel bar industry for reinforced concrete in enterprises

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