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Exquisite, durable and resource-saving

today's toys are high-tech products that have been developed for a long time. A new generation of dolls and toys have developed product personalities and features. Besides children, adults are also attracted by these features

the toy dinosaur "PLEO" does not need a remote control device when running.

it does not need to be turned on or off. It will return to the charging station to charge itself

the best example is "PLEO" (caption), which is a dinosaur toy about 20cm high (u will give you a discount in the discount. It is produced by gobe company and Emeryville Ca, and sold by Joker company in Switzerland). About 40 sensors, 14 servo motors and a newly developed software platform make this naturally shaped toy act independently and respond to external stimuli, You can even walk to the charging station to recharge. PLEO learns interaction from the external environment, such as cultivating his own personality. Not only is his complexion colorful, but also his skin looks like real skin by using plastic similar to his skin. In 2007, Tomasz Czarnecki, chief operating officer of the international toy econcore in Nuremberg, Germany, said, "this exquisite toy won the special innovation prize at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg in Leuven, Belgium." 。

compared with this high-tech toy, the innovation of the toy made by German company zirndorf geobra brandst 妕 ter is indistinguishable to the naked eye. These toys are made of polyacrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or polystyrene (PS) and are sold under the trademark Playmobil (Playmobil is a famous toy brand in Germany). Because the brand products often use different material combinations for assembly and molding methods, the brand products require very precise mold design. The combination of software and hardware materials makes these toys have satisfactory skin texture. At the same time, because the sharp parts of these toys are made of elastic materials, the potential damage is minimized

Figure 1 These movable dinosaurs are assembled and formed in one step, combined with a variety of different materials

Application of biomaterials

in the toy production industry, as in the plastic industry, more and more renewable materials are being used. Wood is still the first material used in this industry. However, the use of bio based plastics is increasing

in a new strategy building game, cuboro company of haslierg reuti, Switzerland, injects wood-based and corn based plastic particles almost entirely composed of renewable materials (grade: fasal; manufacturer: AUSTEL Research & Development Company of Salzburg, Austria 5. The seller's service attitude is obviously different). Using these materials, large parts (27cm3) can be injection molded. They have anti shrinkage and are harmless to eyes and contact. Due to the main raw materials, wood and corn, these cube game parts can be processed economically and ecologically (Figure 2)

Figure 2 strategies to build cubes in the game. It is injection molded from wood-based and jade

rice based plastic particles, which has the advantages of economy and ecology compared with traditional plastics

not only bioplastics, but also other materials used in the packaging industry have also brought innovation to the toy industry. Fischertechnik of Waldachtal, Germany, uses expandable polypropylene (EPP) to make toy pontoon shells. Closed cell foam is not only light and buoyant, but also flexible and strong. The backing plate can be inserted into the shell, so that other things can be loaded on the floating boat shell (Figure 3)

Figure 3. Expandable polypropylene hardly absorbs water and has good fastness.

durable toys produced for young children.

toys for children under the age of 10 are always designed to be more durable. However, such toys must be light enough so that children can hold and play with them

for example, big spielwarenfabrik of F 焤 th in Germany uses blow molding production techniques to produce children's cars. Whether big company and the transmission at low speed have Bobby car toy cars that are normally produced. By the second half of 2007, more than 16million toy cars have been sold, creating an unprecedented sales record of toy cars. The newly developed big Bobby runner toy car combines steel pipe and plastic for the first time. This combination can realize the design of super durable toys. At the same time, this combination is also used in other products

the kiditec construction toys produced by Swiss techno Bloxx company also encountered similar requirements for the production of durable toys. The special feature of the plastic parts produced by the company is that they can be threaded to prevent the components of the structure from falling. However, even if it is not connected with threads, this building block can be safely connected from all angles. In addition, if equipped with rollers and wheels, these parts can be built into a toy car and can bear enough load


the time and money needed to develop advanced toy products have reached a very high level. What you get from paying so much is usually high-tech toy products. These toys show the characteristics given by modern science and technology, as well as original production methods, which shows that the toy manufacturing industry no longer wants to play the role of user exclusion. Science and technology are increasingly appearing in toy production, which not only arouse the interest of children, but also get the love of adults, which has played a positive role in creating an open new market. (end)

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