The hottest, although dazzling, VMware's next path

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although the light is dazzling, the next path of VMware is not straightforward

now server virtualization is popular, and most IT departments are doing it. As a virtualization giant, VMware has dominated the industry in the past ten years or so since it became famous

vmware was in danger frequently in 2015, but it was, so if the experimental machine itself did not have high strength, VMware was in danger frequently in 2015. At first glance, the situation of the virtual giant is good: vsphere6.0 has been widely praised since its launch, the reliable strategy of containing containers in virtual machines has emerged, and NSX is hot, which even VMware did not expect

the best thing for VMware is that Microsoft decided not to launch the next version of Hyper-V before the second half of 2016

this does not mean that VMware will have a smooth journey. The emc/Dell transaction and the speculation before the transaction have introduced uncertainty in the VMware circle. This transaction can be said to cast a cloud over the future of vcloud air, and it will not help after the transaction

During the period of

, nutanix owned the Acropolis management program and decided to make itself a competitor and partner of VMware. Nutanix launched an attack on VMware in terms of price and scalability. The blog war broke out between the two companies, and as a result, both companies lost their desire to seek project partners in terms of face and credit

later, nutanix took a piece of fat from VMware in Washington with AWS and Citrix. VMware gushed in 2014 that it was only a few weeks away from finalizing a huge vSphere deal with the U.S. government, but it could not be delivered in 2015. The three companies complained about the transaction on the grounds of competition, and the federal government abolished the transaction, saying it was time to reconsider the virtual procurement plan

VMware later paid a high fine to the U.S. government to settle the allegations of price list tricks. VMware is still likely to sell the same number of codes to Washington, and may get more money by sub transaction. But the fact is that VMware didn't deliver a deal it promised before, partly because nutanix's role is now both enemy and friend

after HP decided that azure is more worthy of gambling than evo:rail platform, its role has become both an enemy and a friend

is there anything wrong with developing evo:rail? VMware has to expand the hardware scale and change the license in order to make it more marketable. Is this step unreasonable when combined with the initial mess of vsan hardware

among other virtualization players, the Xen project has experienced a terrible year due to repeated software errors. The project promised to do better in the future, but now it is difficult to meet its own standards

the honorary award for virtual development will be awarded to OpenBSD, which won the virtual machine manager. Parallels is transforming into Odin, and later found that its virtuzzo platform is under the new boss ingrammicro, which means that the prospect of a niche product is unclear. With the ambition of virtualization, Huawei has entered a super integration situation along the way

Oracle believes that virtual computing is not as marketable as private cloud, so it renamed its virtual computing devices to adapt to the development of the current situation. Sijie has experienced a difficult period. With the departure of some senior executives, zhuyingdan, an associate researcher of Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of finance, is in a poor situation. But at least its virtualization plan seems to have worked. The plan supports Xen products, rather than desperately striving for the market share of mainstream server virtualization

openstack has an impressive list of users, but it is not without worries about complexity and derivative ambitions of the project. We have also heard that although openstack won the brand war, its unknown rival cloudstack may have been deployed more widely

what will 2016 bring

we have also heard that selling openstack and providing services for openstack are difficult to make a profit. If this is true, it means that it will be an interesting development trend in 2016, which deserves attention

but another development trend is more interesting. How will Dell deal with VMware. Michael? Dell took over the mission of VMware and vowed to become the operating system of the data center. He said he needed VMware to be independent. But will others think so? HP's alliance with azure makes people feel ominous

windowsserver2016 is the dark horse of virtualization. Microsoft doesn't say much about the Hyper-V version accompanying windowsserver2016. A general discussion on the catch-up function such as PCI Express shows that it will not bring revolutionary changes to server virtualization

but WindowsServer may mean a big change in hybrid cloud. It seems that Microsoft is very interested in the deep integration of WindowsServer and azure every day. Windowsserver2016 can make a good story for hybrid cloud, and can make an article on the scale and impact of data center, while VMware's vcloud air cannot be replicated without involving partners

now more and more people believe that except for those enterprises that have special requirements for local deployment kits, hybrid cloud is a stage that all enterprises need to go through. These enterprises provide a lot of opportunities, but they are a shrinking subset of the market. Although VMware's cloud computing has become a minor program, VMware may continue to dominate a lucrative fat business, which may make vSphere less attractive as a whole

we also keep hearing that AWS will take hybrid cloud seriously. Don't forget that Google hired Diane, the former CEO of VMware? Dianegrene seems to have taken a fancy to her expertise in establishing enterprise sales agencies when building virtual giants

therefore, although the virtualization market is very calm in 2015, the days ahead will be busier

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