Russia's first printing group introduced Manroland

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Russian first printing group first introduced Manroland newspaper printing press

relevant media reported manufacturer information. German printing machinery manufacturer Manroland (Manroland model Manroland library Manroland second-hand equipment) recently welcomed a new customer Russian first printing group. Russia's first printing group is the first time to buy Manroland's uniset newspaper printing machine, which will be installed in the factory in voronesh in August this year

Russia's first printing group urgently needs a newspaper printing experimental machine that can deal with complex live parts. The factory is responsible for the printing task of komsomolskaja prawda, the largest circulation newspaper in Russia. Alexander P. turbonov, managing director of the voronesh plant, commented on the investment: in recent years, with the introduction of more and more printing equipment, it has become very difficult to purchase equipment

Manroland was chosen because it enjoys a good reputation in the Russian market. The important criteria for choosing Manroland are because uniset newspaper printer has a high degree of automation, superior printing quality and thoughtful after-sales service. Variable data printing is one of the most important factors. It includes technical support three months after installation and six equipment tests within the next two years

there are eight printing towers, one H-type printing group, paper feeding and two folding units. Therefore, the molded products after foaming can also be shaped twice to produce the finished products with complex shape. The control online cutting control function can achieve the maximum productivity of 64 newspapers

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