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Toy paint and ink are included in the standard inspection scope of toys

toy paint and ink are included in the standard inspection scope of toys

June 3, 2004

the GB6675-2003 national technical safety code for toys, which was implemented on October 1 this year, is a comprehensive revision of the 1986 version of the national standard and is mandatory. It is noted that this new standard has stricter requirements on the safety of toys, which stipulates that almost all materials of toys (including toys for trial use and free gifts) must pass the test, and the paint, ink, paper cloth and plastic used on toys will be included in the inspection scope of this standard. For example, the new standard for plastic toys is to enhance play 12 The electrode tensile testing machine provides a variety of report printing interfaces, which are flexible, and the available types of plasticizers added are strictly standardized. In addition, the standard requirements for heavy metal content in toys are doubled, and it is stipulated that as long as there are differences in specifications, a class of materials that do not meet the heavy metal content regulations cannot be sold publicly. At the same time, the new standard also adjusted the provisions on the foreseeable danger of toy parts, introduced the internationally accepted foreseeable abuse experiment concept for the first time, and required toys to simulate and test all possible and foreseeable reasonable abuse and damage when leaving the factory, so as to find out whether there is potential danger

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