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As the arc extinguishing device of the AC contactor that controls the on-off of the load, the electronic arc extinguishing device of the motor soft starter can avoid the damage of the contactor contact caused by the arcing, so as to prolong the service life of the contactor. It is especially suitable for the AC contactor working in flammable and explosive occasions, which can greatly reduce the fire and explosion. Now it is possible to directly test the hardness, and the occurrence of accidents

electronic arc arrester has the advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption, high operating frequency and convenient installation and use. When in use, it is only necessary to connect the circuit of arc interrupters at all levels in parallel with the contacts at all levels of the contactor, and connect its control end at both ends of the contactor coil in parallel. The use of electronic arc interrupters can solve the damage of contactors caused by arcing, and its electrical life can be increased to more than millions of times

(I) model description of electronic arc arrester

(II) AC electronic arc arrester

AC electronic arc arrester is applicable to AC 110, 220 and 380V lines mainly exported to developed countries, as arc extinguishing equipment of AC contactor contact, and its appearance is shown in the figure

figure AC electronic arc arrester

see table for relevant parameters of AC electronic arc arrester

Table AC electronic arc arrester parameters

parameter name symbol unit parameter value input parameter

control voltage vinv110v (1 ± 20%); 220V (1±20%); 380V (1 ± 20%) input wide band gap semiconductor material and new display material flow iinma ≤ 20 output



rated working current iouta working voltage range voutv110 ~ 380 off state leakage current IRMA ≤ 20 on state voltage drop VV ≤ 1.6 insulation voltage visolv ≥ 2500 (III) direct current electronic arc arrester

DC electronic arc arrester is an arc extinguishing device matched with DC contactor, which can completely eliminate the arc generated when the contactor contact works, The contact is protected, thereby greatly delaying the service life of the contactor

1. Working conditions of electronic arc arrester

ambient temperature: -25 ~ +40 ℃; Ambient humidity: 85% RH at 25 ℃

2. Precautions for the use of electronic arc arrester

(1) this arc arrester should work under low frequency (refers to the action frequency of contactor contact), and the time interval between contact pull-in and release should not be less than 0.2S, otherwise it will not have the effect of arc extinguishing

(2) if the contactor operates frequently with the gradual increase of CPE consumption for a long time, pay attention to the heat dissipation of the arc interrupter, or add appropriate heat sink (50 ~ 150A type) or add heat dissipation fan (200 ~ 600A type) to prevent the arc interrupter from overheating and burning

(3) pay attention to the wrong wiring to avoid burning the arc destroyer

(4) the electronic arc extinguisher should be fixed next to the contactor

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