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Toyo textile has developed the redesign of acrylic fiber filled cotton

high molecular polymer, and developed a variety of filled cotton with higher fluffy degree and mixed with polyester. 30% - 40% of the mixed components are moisture absorbing and heating acrylic fiber. At present, this product has been officially SOLD in Taiwan, China, Chinese Mainland, South Korea and other places

with direct power supply and gas supply this year, Toyo textile company began to sell granular products and down mixed acrylic fiber filled cotton products. In the past, granular filling cotton was only used in pillows; Now, its softness and excellent touch have increased the demand for this product. Therefore, the company has developed suitable products by controlling the appropriate fiber thickness, cutting length and surface treatment. The friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increases or gets stuck

down hybrid products have been on sale since this month. This product also uses 20% - 30% acrylic fiber in down by adjusting fiber thickness and surface treatment. As raw cotton, it sells to down processing manufacturers and improves down processing bases in Japan and China

the acrylic fiber of Toyo textile is developed and produced by japanexlan company, which belongs to the group. Japanexlan is responsible for the sales of its used in the clothing field, and AP Business Department is responsible for the sales of materials such as filled cotton. The sales performance of filled cotton reached 300 tons in fy2013, 1.5 times that of the previous year. In terms of sales composition, Japan accounts for 60% in domestic market and 40% in overseas market. The company believes that there is room for improvement in Japan and other overseas markets, so it will continue to develop the product and expand sales

in addition, in addition to acrylic acid, there are also problems such as environmental pollution and bad competition in this process. Products used for filling cotton, such as polyester hollow fiber sharp and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) fiber Procon with excellent heat insulation performance, are sold by Toyo textile STC. Therefore, the group will strengthen information exchange and cooperation to jointly develop the use of filled cotton

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