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Toyota introduced sugarcane based bioplastics for automotive interiors

Toyota Motor Company announced on the 13th that it will gradually introduce a new type of plastic into automotive interiors. Three percent of the plastic's raw materials use sugarcane instead of oil, not only 4 Increasing the length of the connecting line can save oil consumption and contribute to preventing global warming by using plants that absorb carbon dioxide

this plastic is biological pet, which was only used to make plastic bottles before, and it is the first time to use it in cars

Toyota will launch its small hybrid car "ct200h" of its high-end brand "Lexus" in early 2011, and this material will be used in the trunk of the car for the first time. In the same year, Toyota will also carry out statistical analysis of group models and sell new cars. Its passive houses can save up to 90% of heating and cooling energy consumption, and 80% of the interior decoration will use materials from plants, almost without any gap

Toyota has previously used corn based materials in the interior of its cars. It is reported that the wear resistance and heat resistance of biopet have been greatly improved

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