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Electronic anti-counterfeiting device for wine bottles

an electronic anti-counterfeiting device for wine bottles, in which the concave thread of the bottle cap can not supply power to the 7933 probe with the convex shape of the bottle mouth, and the thread

can contact the cutting surface of the thread and fix the bottle cap. The bottom of the inclined plane set at the appropriate position of the convex thread of the bottle mouth is relatively

it should sometimes adopt aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals and special metals to reduce the weight, A short-circuit switch or disconnect switch consisting of two metal shrapnel and a short rod with one end conductive and one end insulated is set in the small hole. A light-emitting diode is installed in the cover wall. A test rod should be processed and a space for installing the battery should be provided. The outer wall of the space is equipped with a touch switch, and a light transmission hole is set above the space. The light-emitting diode is connected with the touch switch, Then connect the short-circuit switch in parallel or the series disconnect switch in parallel with the battery. This electronic anti-counterfeiting device can be used as a Vickers hardness test and an indentation test method to identify the authenticity

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