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Toyota synthetic new light plastic water pipe supporting Lexus NX

Toyota synthetic Japan recently announced that the company has started self-developed elastomer varieties are increasing, and began to mass produce new integrated light plastic water pipes, and supply Lexus NX

Toyota released Lexus NX in July this year, and in the turbocharged engine of this model, the coolant pipe used for intercooler adopts the system of Toyota hydraulic universal testing machine, which has serious oil leakage, to synthesize the latest lightweight plastic water pipe technology

this is also the first time Toyota synthetic uses water assisted injection molding technology to produce plastic water pipes in Japan. The company said that its new plastic water pipes have sufficient durability for coolant, and are about 40% lighter than traditional water pipes in terms of quality

because the new plastic water pipe can design more complex curves, the engine compartment can also be further reduced, while the traditional metal water pipe can not achieve a similar shape design. In addition, various pipe fittings, supports and peripheral parts produced by one-piece molding can effectively reduce the number of parts, thereby reducing production costs

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