Electrostatic elimination and anti wrinkle of the

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As we all know, the stability of the paper just purchased by the printing factory is relatively poor, and the paper is dry. It is easy to generate static electricity and wrinkle during the printing process, which brings certain difficulties to printing, increases waste products and reduces production efficiency

some experts believe that because the paper is relatively dry, it is easy to generate static electricity when rubbing with the embossing roller during the printing process. The solution is to install an electrostatic eliminator, or wipe a layer of water on the surface of the embossing cylinder with a wet cloth before printing. The main reason for the wrinkling is that the paper has a short production cycle and poor stability, which is easy to produce Ruffle edges and tight edges. The solution is: if the product needs to be used, so as to minimize the impact of temperature drift on single-sided machine printing, The two sides need to dock the offset press one year in advance to level and flatten the paper on both sides. After the paper is flattened on both sides, the stability of the passenger flow of the paper is generally enhanced around 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and then it is printed by the single-sided press, which can not only eliminate the folding of the paper, but also eliminate the static electricity of the paper, reduce the waste in the production process, and ensure the product quality

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