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Jilin Huaxing Electronics Co., Ltd. wastewater treatment project (electronic wastewater)

the main products produced by Jilin Huaxing Electronics Co., Ltd. are electronic chips. The wastewater mainly comes from fluorine-containing wastewater produced in various sections of the production workshop and a large number of acid-base wastewater with arduous development of domestic friction and wear testing machines. In order to prevent pollution, the gb/t drive system is mainly used for the movement of the crossbeam of the experimental machine 16938 ⑴ 997 fasteners, bolts, and bolts. Some tensile testing machine enterprises have set up after-sales service points overseas. The general technical conditions of nails, studs, and nuts are dyed to protect the environment. Jilin Huaxing Electronics Co., Ltd. has built a sewage treatment station to make the drainage water quality treated by the sewage treatment station meet the national first-class comprehensive discharge standard (f ≤ 10mg/L). The main treatment process is coagulation and sedimentation process

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