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European and American toy markets have called off non environmental friendly toys and packaging materials


with the enhancement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, the European market has put forward increasingly strict requirements for the manufacturing materials of toys and toy packaging, and it will be difficult for non renewable or recycled materials to enter the local market. As for the outer packaging and inner boxes of toys exported to Europe, China's R & D and production capacity are still relatively weak, and the restrictions on the materials used will be gradually tightened. The products exported to Europe began to require the printing of "recycling marks" on the packaging boxes for consumers' disposal. The European Commission requires that in addition to the strict implementation of the CE marking for toy safety, the packaging materials of products that affect environmental protection, especially plastic materials, also begin to be actively managed, It is further required to print the "recycling mark" (environmental protection mark) on the package and put the experimental data into the experimental machine

for example, the "paper recycling mark" must be printed on the inner box and outer box. If there is a need to replace the gasket, the inner box and outer box can be bound with U-nails, and glue paste should be used. The sealing tape shall be wax free products or gumless kraft paper or tape. The supplier shall sign a "waste charge recycling contract" with the European company to confirm the flow of waste packaging


Argentina, located in South America, its electronic universal testing machine can test and analyze various mechanical and technological properties such as tensile, shear, peel, compression, zigzag, tear, puncture and bursting of various metals, nonmetals and composites, and implement the technical regulations of Mercosur in terms of game safety. The regulations require that the logo (including the product name, trade name or trademark, the address of the manufacturer or importer) and all warning information to be paid attention to when using should be attached to the toy package

the product packaging recovery fee advance payment system launched by Canada puts forward higher cost requirements for toy products that pay attention to packaging

source: China Toy Association

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