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Toyota's sudden move the rise of the hard core of China's auto industry

July 19 is a day of special significance in the history of China's auto industry

on this day, BYD and Toyota officially reached a cooperation. The two sides announced in the joint statement that they would jointly develop pure electric vehicles for cars and low chassis SUVs, as well as power batteries for the above products. Toyota brand is used as the model, and it is planned to be launched in the Chinese market before 2025

screenshot of Toyota's statement released on the official platform

is different from the previous cooperation mode between Toyota and other domestic auto enterprises. This is the first time that Toyota has cooperated with China in the development of "technical equivalence" vehicles using a wider range of brands of flame retardant materials for automotive products

what is Toyota from? The car company with the highest market value in the world; The leader of hybrid vehicle industry; Known for its reliable quality and durability, it is evaluated as "a good Toyota car". These three descriptions will make people give capitalized "service" to any car company, but these three descriptions can be put on Toyota

why does a powerful enterprise like Toyota join hands with BYD to jointly develop technology

in the final analysis, the fundamental reason lies in BYD's excellent electric vehicle technology

to some extent, this also means that China's automotive industry has achieved a technological breakthrough in the automotive power


can let Toyota hold hands and have equal technological voice, which is something that I dare not think of in the past

such heavy cooperation shocked the media circles at home and abroad, and Bloomberg, Reuters, NHK, Xinhua news agency, cleantechnica and other well-known media followed up and reported at the first time

Bloomberg, the world's largest financial information agency, said in a report, "in 2008, BYD became the first company to sell plug-in hybrid vehicles in large quantities. Since 2015, BYD's electric vehicle sales have ranked first in the world."

NHK, which can be called "CCTV" in Japan, used "China's largest electric vehicle manufacturer" to describe BYD twice in just a few sentences at the beginning of the report, "Toyota and China's largest electric vehicle manufacturer reached a consensus on jointly developing electric vehicles", "Toyota jointly developed pure electric vehicles is China's largest electric vehicle manufacturer, BYD"

after the release of the news, it attracted the attention and discussion of many people

at the bottom of Reuters' report, a public comment named "bingtou Haiyan umihiko Hyodo" said, "Chinese enterprises have great advantages in new energy technology!"

people named "asdforce" believe that "China will lead the production of high-end batteries in the world"

at the same time, the domestic people also burst into flames

"Huawei in the automotive industry" comments represent the real-time tightening sound of some people's hearts, and received 11 likes

min's "white blade fighting hero company" analyzed, "why does Tesla also promote the electronization of parcel waybills to reduce the abandonment of paper printing? Toyota, which values technology, and Japanese who believe in strength took the initiative to come to cooperate, because BYD represents technology output!"

the cooperation between the two sides has also attracted great attention from the capital market

Citigroup, Credit Suisse, CICC and many other well-known securities companies have released a number of "buy/increase" research reports on the latest cooperation statement between Toyota and BYD. Citigroup pointed out in the report that Toyota's new strategy means a potential 40% increase in BYD's discounted cash flow value


however, there is much sadness behind the scenes. Chinese people have worked hard for more than 80 years for this moment of China's automobile industry

since China built cars, it has been catching up with world giants

in the development process of the global automobile industry, Germany, the United States and Japan have been divided into three parts

in May, 1931, the first domestic Minsheng brand 75 car was born in China

Minsheng brand 75 car

due to the bumpy historical process, China's automobile industry has not been able to develop

China's automobile industry was not established and developed until the founding of new China with the help of the big brother of the Soviet Union

good times don't last long

at the end of 1958, the Sino Soviet relationship broke down, plus various factors in the special era. Since then, the automobile products developed in China can hardly be mass produced

in this way, without the technical assistance of the Soviet Union, China built its own business behind closed doors for nearly 20 years, until the period of reform and opening up

the sentence "market for technology" has set off a wave of joint ventures between foreign automobile manufacturers and domestic enterprises

the vision at that time was to allow foreign capital and technology to enter China through opening market access, so as to support China's own automobile industry and independent brands

but it's not so easy. The core technology can't be changed at all

most of what foreign auto manufacturers bring to China's auto industry is only the production license, and China can only assemble according to the molding design provided by the foreign party

in other words, more than half of those running on the main roads in China are still foreign brands. Uncovering the appearance of these brands, in fact, a considerable part has been replaced by domestic parts, realizing "made in China"

in this way, the path of "market for technology" has not been able to achieve an upward breakthrough

until 2001, when China joined the WTO and the Chinese auto market began to join the global market, all these began to change


the story should start with BYD

in 1995, BYD was officially established, made a fortune from the battery business, and was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002

In 2003, at the beginning of the industrial explosion, the demand for lithium-ion batteries exploded, and BYD became the largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in China. Its customers include global electronics giants such as Philips, Panasonic, Sony, Motorola and Nokia

at this time, the energetic BYD suddenly announced: enter the automotive industry

in the environment at that time, apart from the fact that the joint venture brand has not surpassed the foreign giants for decades, how can the battery manufacturer without technical foundation compete with foreign brands

this directly led to strong doubts from major international banks such as Morgan, saying that BYD deviated from its main business, was risky, and its price was too high, resulting in the direct "halving" of BYD's share price

one wave of "black" theory is not over, and another wave starts again

in 2008, BYD launched the world's first dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM that did not rely on professional charging stations, which attracted greater doubts

it's a dream to build an electric car

the market response to electric vehicles is also very bleak. In 2009, BYD sold only 48 F3DM

this does not stop BYD from building cars. On the contrary, BYD is more poised to research and develop technology, step by step to plump its own wings of objects printed out of full-color plastic 3D printing materials

during this period, BYD built a complete electric vehicle industry chain, built high technical barriers, and became the only enterprise in the world that mastered the core technologies of battery, motor, electronic control, IGBT and charging supporting facilities. It was also the first automobile manufacturer in China to mass produce 15000 RPM high-speed electric machines

BYD has mastered the core technology of the whole industry chain of battery, motor, electronic control and IGBT

in the automotive industry surrounded by giants, the core technology is firmly in the hands of outsiders, and it is not easy to break through this restriction

BYD finally achieved a counter attack after more than ten years

since 2015, BYD has won the global sales champion of new energy vehicles for four consecutive years, proving its strength and vision

in recent years, the e-platform launched by BYD for pure electric vehicles is a "master of technology". Pure electric vehicles such as Qin, Tang, song and Yuan equipped with e-platform have achieved great success in the market. BYD accounted for three vehicle types among the top four new energy passenger vehicles in 2019


in the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Huawei 5g technology dominates the world; China's high-speed rail and aviation have all caught up. Only the automobile industry, for a long time, has no brand that can hold hands

this time, Toyota, the representative of the Japanese automotive industry, chose to join hands with BYD to jointly develop pure electric vehicles, which directly shows its recognition of BYD's technology

it can be said that BYD has let Chinese cars take off the hat of "being disappointing"

it is undeniable that the voice and influence of Chinese enterprises in the field of electric vehicles are growing at an impressive rate, or will become a turning point for China from a "big auto country" to a "powerful auto country"

in the wave of electrification reform, let's wait and see BYD and China's auto industry in the future

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