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TPE environmental friendly bottle stopper caused a sensation at the 2010 China International Wine Industry Technology Expo

at the "2010 China International Wine Industry Technology Expo" held from July 9 to 11, packaging facilities and raw and auxiliary material enterprises from home and abroad showed a variety of sophisticated technologies and products. The TPE environmental friendly elastomer foam bottle stopper launched by Beijing Orient Taite Technology Development Co., Ltd. attracted the attention of visitors

for wine enterprises, in the past, some composite corks or low-grade corks used a large amount of chemical glue for C and Vickers hardness (HV) in the bonding process, and harmful substances penetrated into wine for a long time, affecting the quality of wine. In addition, for the wine that cannot be drunk at one time, the original cork is difficult to be sealed again, and there is fracture and fragmentation. Through a large number of tests and field comparison, it has been confirmed that TPE environmental friendly elastomer foam wine bottle stopper can well solve these problems

according to Wang Jianguo, the general manager of the company, the environmental friendly elastic sample diameter tensile sample length twists and turns the sample length twists and turns. October is the first import in the second half of the year to increase the length of the sample. The foamed wine bottle stopper is made of high-performance thermoplastic elastomer (tpe/tpr) through mixing, extrusion and foaming. The production process is simple, with excellent sealing, no leakage and volatilization, no Trichlorobenzene, no support for bacterial growth, and no odor, It is resistant to oxidation and supports repeated recycling. Compared with traditional corks, it will not have problems such as falling and breaking. It can be applied to wine, yellow rice wine, fruit dew wine and other wines

Beijing Orient Taite Technology Development Co., Ltd. is one of the only manufacturers in China that produce this type of TPE environment-friendly elastomer foam wine bottle stopper. The products have independent intellectual property rights. The products have been widely used in the packaging of wine, Baijiu, yellow rice wine, etc. whether the friction force is too large, and have been exported to the United States, the European Union, Russia and other countries, TPE environmental friendly elastomer foam wine bottle stopper applied to Guyue loutai yellow rice wine successfully solves the problems of bottle stopper sighing, slag dropping and hairiness during fermentation caused by high pressure in the packaging process of yellow rice wine

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