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Toyota low output power robot won the 4th robot award in Japan

the Ministry of economy, industry and trade of Japan issued the 4th robot award. The robot that won the grand prize (the economic industry has been highly praised by teachers and students in Colleges and universities) is the robot running in Toyota. Almost all the robots that have won the 12 Excellence Awards (including the grand prize) are designed to be developed for specific businesses, but there are no robots for psychological care

the prize winner is a robot that can work with people safely and comfortably, 80W low output power driven energy-saving (developed by Toyota, Ochiai nexus, Nagoya University of technology and Capital University Tokyo), and is used to load spare tires in automobile assembly plants. Due to the use of low-power output motor and spring, the kinetic energy is small, and there is no need to isolate from people when using. The experimental data are accurate and reliable. So it is suitable for working with people. In fact, the robot is now running in Toyota

the president's award of the Japan Machinery Industry Federation was awarded to the pharmaceutical business support robot product group (developed by Panasonic health medical devices and Panasonic) based on the injection dispensing robot. The product group is a system composed of multiple robots to improve the efficiency of selecting drugs and automatically handling them in the hospital. The award for the best small and medium-sized venture enterprise (director and official award for small and medium-sized enterprises) was awarded to hamdas-r (developed by QianChuan electric). This is a robot that can automatically remove bones from pig leg meat. 4. Placing the test piece robot can process pork of various sizes and specifications by recognizing the size and shape of bones. The official installation and use of elium blades next year, and the curator's Award for the future of undergraduate science, were won by the robot arm of the Japanese space experiment module hope of the international space station (developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and NEC)

in addition, robots that have won the excellence award are those that focus on the inspection of ultra-high voltage transmission lines, cell culture in a sterile environment, picking strawberries grown in greenhouses, information collection at fire sites, and car driving based on joysticks. Fanuc, which won this year's robot award in 2007 (equivalent to the second session), won the award again with its fist robot with a 6-DOF parallel structure. HRP-4C of the Japan Institute of industrial technology won the only Excellence Award for a humanoid robot with a human appearance

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