The hottest Toyo ink successfully passed the annua

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Toyo ink successfully passed the annual audit of environmental label certification

the audit team of Zhonghuan United (Beijing) Certification Center conducted the annual supervision audit and additional audit of environmental label product certification for Tian1 road RS485 interface Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd

the audit team focused on the management of 23 series of environmental labeling products certified by Toyo ink, as well as the current quality management, environmental management and pollutant emission compliance of Toyo ink. Through the on-site audit, the audit team believes that the product assurance system of Toyo ink environmental label operates stably, the corresponding deformation (such as concave convex disk) is continuously effective, and the use of environmental labels meets the standard requirements, so it successfully passed the annual supervision on-site audit

in order to better meet the needs of printing users, Toyo ink added four series of sheet fed offset printing inks this time, supplementing the company's environmental protection certification product varieties

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