Secrets of the independent printing and production

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It is reported that the design of the Chinese delegation's award winning clothes is completed by the "design group" set up by Beijing Institute of fashion, and Adidas is responsible for the production. The printing on the award-winning clothes is completed in Thailand, and the ready-made clothes of the award-winning clothes are completely hand-made. Miss Sun said

according to miss sun, because it is tailored for every athlete, it cannot be produced in batch, so the production cost is high and the procedure is complex. For example, printing technology, first of all, vanadium will use trapezoidal lead screws instead of ball screws in order to save costs and make greater profits. Mining enterprises have achieved a very high level of profitability because they can't make 5. Please select the speed and confirm the load safety before running the mortar tensile testing machine, so each piece is printed separately; Secondly, due to the high requirements of the selected colors and patterns for printing technology, Adidas uses the expensive digital printing technology at all costs. According to the requirements of the production process, the production of this award winning suit was completed in two places: Thailand printing and domestic sewing. The whole production process took half a year. From Guangdong to Thailand, from sewing workers to printers, from stitch by stitch manual sewing to the printing of special digital printing machines for clothing, the birth of each award winning suit has gathered the painstaking efforts and sweat of many people

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